Which Airlines Allow the Hamsters?

By | September 19, 2019

Which Airlines Allow the Hamsters?

Always you should know that human society, an organization is meant to protect animals and their advice is the best way to transport animals in any kind is through vehicle only. Pest should be transported by air only when it is extremely necessary. Therefore, you can take your hamster in the plane, only if it is very necessary and no other choice. Before taking them make sure you are familiar with the rules and guidelines where the airlines imposes for pets to travel in plane, so you can take your pet in hamster carrier bag.

Regulations to pay attention for pets

Which Airlines Allow the Hamsters?

  • In many of the airlines they saying that they allow small pets like hamsters, dog up to 22 pounds, service animals and cats.
  • Also, some of the airlines only let you do if you want or require to take a pet with you then only it can stay in the baggage compartment in the plane that’s why many of the pet owners are afraid of.
  • If you have to leave your pet in the baggage compartment, then make sure that you have taken your hamster or pet to the veterinarian before flight. Where he or she will able to give you more information on how to keep your hamster comfortable while traveling in air.
  • Also they will say and advice about your pet’s health condition and you can decide whether it can travel in the cargo area.

Hamster friendly airlines

Which Airlines Allow the Hamsters?

More than 2 billion pet animal are getting transporting every year across unites states by plane also many airlines know that by allowing the pets to carry in airplane it can bring more profits to them. So you can take your little friend in the hamster carrier bag and keep them with you. The best known airlines have the less transport fees and laid back regulation to allow pets like dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits, Guinea pigs can be transported at the cost of $75. You should know which airlines allow you to keep your little hamster in the cabin, so you no need to worry about your pet is uncomfortable in the cargo cabin.

If airline is allowing you to take your pet to the cabin, then you can take them in the hamster carrier bag to the plane so there will be no problem. You can check it in the guidelines and information of the airlines. In that delta is the pet friendly airline and it also offers the alternatives and all time they doesn’t allow hamster all the time and if they allowing they will accommodate only small pet in the cargo cabin.

In united airlines they only transport hamster in the baggage compartment and however you can transport your pet all year long at high price of $250. If you want to take in lower price than possibly you can take your pet in the cabin. For that the best airline is west jet where it can transport hamster at $50 only but it won’t cover many of the routes in US.


While carrying hamster in the plane always ensure that flight is safe for your little one. Also determine the pet carrier can fit under your seat or find out the hamster carrier bag dimension by checking with the airlines because if it is large then you can place them under the seat. Also many of the airlines has the policy on the cage which has to be in certain size with soft and hard sided with well-ventilated and leak proof cage. These hamsters can be stressed so easily during flight while moving one place to another so booking a nonstop flight will be a best option. And hamsters like pets will get bored easily in the flight or worse they will be stressed.

So keep them calm during the flight need to give something to them to do. Mostly hamster likes to do is eating so giving them a treat during flight will be kind a special treat and it can be calm by doing that. By considering the hamsters sleeping schedule also you can bool the flight according to it because most of the time during travelling in the plane it will sleep.